CC_SPIRIT, where CC stands for complex chameleonism, is a ritualistic dance performance, a morphing choreographic narrative consisting of 5 parts: (opening), charming, hypnotizing, cursing and healing. 5 stages are morphing from one to another, from movement to movement with inherent logic, leading the viewer to total fulness and celebration.


The performance’s movements present a fusion of historical choreography, youtube tutorials, dance-school rituals, film, animation and improvisation.


CC_SPIRIT was first created as a collaboration between Grégoire Blunt, Eglė Kulbokaitė and Austėja Vilkaitytė. The event was held at Altes Finanzamt in Berlin, hosted by Viktorija Šiaulytė, and SAMOLN contributing a sound scape.


Later CC_SPIRIT continued to be developed as separate dance performance with new artist contributing ahead: _CC_ carbon copies_ were joined by Vladas Suncovas, Asat Sirarpi, Marija Puipaitė, Sandra Bučiūtė. Besides CC_ DIAMOND CAMP in STRCAMP music festival, Trakai, CC_ PIN MARATHON in KABLYS center, Vilnius and CC_YIN YANG Wedding at AURA+ theatre, Kaunas, CC_SPIRIT was as well presented while ASMR Choreographic Presentation at art space SING 6, Brussels.



>>> Imagine you’re being seduced by a South African lap dance.. hovering gently, so close to you.. pleasurable and stimulating.. ..imagine sensing (my) skin and the touch of (my) hair. (my) walk... Imagine (you) all are snakes and serpents tonight.. being cursed by Mandragora’s flesh and hypnotized by Seetha’s blue eyes – (so I can finally kiss you). Imagine you’re being healed by the softest touch of dance in the form of Béjart’s modern gaze, Tatjana’s warm caress – morphing milky moves.. wrapping around you.. your heart beat slowing down.. Imagine those tingling sensations.. the smell of Lancôme’s liquid treat, a gentle chameleon’s whisper.. embracing this night of dance. And then we celebrate: with a magic fountain of liqueur, role-playing, listening to The Field, laughing.. >>>



Choreography, dance: Austėja Vilkaitytė

Fountain: Grégoire Blunt, Vladas Suncovas, Marija Puipaitė

Costume: Sandra Bučiūtė

Music: The Field (Remix of Sally Shapiro), Lentoliskot.

3D Text: Eglė Kulbokaitė and Grégoire Blunt


With special thanks to: Strujava Tatjana, Maria GW, Natasha Williams, Latin Groove - movement breakdown, Veena and Neena, Lentoliskot, The Field, Ulijona Odišarija, Maurice Béjart, Sally Shapiro, Velnio Nuotaka, CCCR animation foundation, universalalignment, Indian Thomb, Michael D'Alton, Badre Maktari and many more.