Dear Lithuania is a solo dance performance developed during Open Space, a program for young stage artist initiated by Arts Printing House, Vilnius. During 2012-2013 4 versions of the performance were created and presented across Lithuania: Dear Lithuania 01, II, II acappella and II & epilogue.


The concept is inspired by a patriotic Lithuanian song by the same name which uses words from a poem by a well known local poet  - Maironis. The artist explores the very notion of patriotism, it's symbolism and  it's possible contemporary manifestation in the contexts of political events such the Act of the Re-Establishment of the State of Lithuania in 1990, the first gay parade in Vilnius in 2010 among others.


Throughout the performance the viewer is being taken through a time line of cultural and political artifacts, from romantic idealism, sentimental folklore to aggressive homophobic and racist demonstrations -- all presented by the changing identity of the performer who inhabits public figures such as - Maironis, Baudelaire, Mowgli, professor Egidijus Aleksandravičius among others.


Presented at:


New Baltic Dance 12' festival, Vilnius, 2012.

Arts Printing House, Vilnius, 2012-2013

International Media Festival ENTER, Šiauliai Art Gallery, Lithuania, 2013.

VDU Theatre, Kaunas, Lithuania 2013.

Concept, choreography, performing: Austėja Vilkaitytė

Music: Julija Demidova, Danuy Cunanbey

Curator: Birutė Banavičiūtė

Posters: Antanas Dubra

Photography: Raminta Bučiūtė

Costume: Sandra Bučiūtė

Set design: Austėja Vilkaitytė

Video material / sound: Interview with prof. E.Aleksandravičius from TV program Alchemija, video “Mūsų Maironis”, gay parade 2010 and other videos from fan demonstrations.

Translation: Jelena Ura

Conducting assistant: Bronė Levišienė

Performance features choreographic bits from 2006 performance 'Dear Lithuania' by dance company AURA.


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